About Us


Our History

In December 2017, a member of the Adult Advisory Board read about an organization called 100 Women Who Care and thought the idea was interesting. After researching the 100 Who Care Alliance, she realized the idea would be groundbreaking for teens in the Lakeland area and presented the idea to Anna Terlep, Anna Esterline, and Gracie Estupinan. From there, these three teens worked together to establish parameters for their newly formed organization, created the logo, and then invited three more teens (Caroline Mason, Katie Achinger, and Erin Volpe) to create a Teen Executive Board in January 2018. The Teen Executive Board consists of students from various local high schools. 


Our Teens

Membership of 100 Teens Who Care Lakeland is comprised of 6th-12th grade students interested in learning about the needs of local charities and having the power to directly impact those charities with a monetary donation.

Teen members will build a philanthropic mindset and learn leadership skills in a fun environment. Members will take an active role in the needs of the Lakeland community by researching non-profit charities and presenting the needs of those charities to the group. The presenting teen will act as a "champion" for the charity. Members will learn how their donation impacted the specific charity when the winning charity is invited to the next meeting.

Teen members will benefit from 

  • Community involvement
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Service hours


Our Meetings

Our group will gather four times a year in the months of 

  • February
  • April
  • September
  • November

Each meeting should run approximately 45-60 minutes. 

Due to the size of our group, locations will vary each quarter. Both the date and location will be announced one month prior to the meeting. Please check the website and social media for updated meeting information.


Founding Members


Katie Achinger

Anna Esterline

Gracie Estupinan

Caroline Mason

Anna Terlep

Erin Volpe

Teen Executive Board


Mia Alvarez

Anna Esterline

Gracie Estupinan

Lily Harrington

Sydney Harrington

Tiffany Jefferson

Samantha Leslie

Caroline Mason

Anna Terlep

Adult Advisory Board


Colleen Esterline

Amanda Estupinan

Linda Mason

Michele Terlep